Recent Press:
To Survive on this Shore was featured in The New York Times, CNNThe Advocate, on Slate, on, on Everyday Feminism, on TakePart, and in The Boston Globe.

Dugan was chosen as a 2015 Champion of Change by the White House and was invited to speak as part of the panel "The Personal is Political: The Power of Speaking Your Truth," which took place on November 23, 2015.  Watch the video here.  

Dugan's work was featured in Musee Magazine's Issue No. 12, Controversy.

Every breath we drew was featured on Slate's "Behold: The Photo Blog" and a related interview was featured on the Crusade for Art blog.

To Survive on this Shore was featured on St. Louis Public Radio as a two-part radio story.  The first feature focuses on the project itself and the second feature focuses on one of the participants.   

Dugan's exhibition Every breath we drew, exhibited simultaneously with August Sander's Just Women, was reviewed by Edie Bresler for Photograph Magazine and by Mark Feeney for the Boston Globe

Every breath we drew was featured on the New York Times Lens Blog.

Every breath we drew was reviewed by Elin Spring for What Will You Remember?

Every breath we drew was included in Making Pictures of People: Recent Perspectives on Photographic Portraiture, a collaboration between Flak Photo and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Dugan was featured in New City's “Breakout Artists 2013: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers.”

Dugan's lecture at Elon University from 4.15.2013 can be watched here.

Transcendence was featured in Esquire (Russian Edition).

Two images from Coupled were featured in The Advocate's 2013 Valentine's Day feature.

Every breath we drew at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago, IL was reviewed in New City Art.

Transcendencea solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA was reviewed by Edie Bresler in Photograph Magazine.

Every breath we drew was featured in Daylight Magazine's Alphabet of Light, on Daylight Digitaland on a Daylight Multimedia podcast

Transcendence, a solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA was reviewed by Mark Feeney in the Boston Globe.

Dugan's work was featured on Feature Shoot in an interview by Julie Renee Jones.

Every breath we drew was featured on Light Leaked.

Coupled was featured in Wellesley College's Women's Review of Books, with an essay by Karen Irvine, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.

Every breath we drew was featured in Issue 41 of Fraction Magazine.  

Transcendence was featured in The Archive 41: The Journal of the Leslie/Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

Several photographs from Every breath we drew were featured on Flak Photo.

Coupled was featured in The Advocate.  

Coupled was featured in Esquire (Russian Edition).

Coupled, a solo exhibition at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, MA was reviewed by Cate McQuaid in the Boston Globe.